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Do you want to have a Good Life? Do you want to learn sacred principles that can transform your Life? Do you want to stop having painful Life experiences and start having joyful ones?

Do you wish to experience Good (and the word “God” is just a contraction for the word “Good”?)

It's time to celebrate!

Universal Judaism teaches a totally new way, thoroughly contemporary, without the superstitions and religious prejudices of the past. It is not primarily religious, but is 1) spiritual 2) scientific 3) secular. Universal Judaism could be said to be, first and foremost, a Spiritual Science, See Celebrate Our View.

Universal Judaism teaches the core Life-transformative insights that the Hebrews bequeathed to the world. These insights were formalized through the teachings of Judaism, and from there, spread to Christianity, then Islam, and, over time, became the legal and moral foundation of today’s global secular culture. All blossom from the same spiritual root: Hebrew prophetic history.

For this reason, Universal Judaism is truly universal. See Celebrate Our History

Universal Judaism is for all good people– “believers”, theists, atheists, agnostics, humanists– all those, from all religions or no-religions, who wish to have a Good Life by mastering the ancient, fundamental, Life-Insights of Judaism, updated for today’s way of Life.

There are no requirements, no required rituals of conversion. Just bring your desire for clear, objective spiritual knowledge, together with your willingness to participate in a deep, joyful, celebration of Life. Life is Holy! Celebrate!

Why is Life Holy?

Universal Judaism uses the word “God” to mean LIFE ITSELF– on the Largest, Most-Inconceivable (by us) Scale and Beyond.

Life is That Unity Beyond anything we can possibly fathom. It is Adonai Echad– the One Master or Lord, (Deuteronomy 6:4), as the words of the Shema Yisrael, describe It/Him/Her. Life therefore qualifies for being described as “set apart”, kodesh in Hebrew, as the word holy means. Existence, Reality, The Mystery, Totality, Consciousness Itself, Being, Beingness, Nature (In Toto), Divine Nature, Living Being, Livingness Itself, The Pleroma, That, Infinity of Infinities, All, The All One, The One– these are synonyms, and there are many more.

Universal Judaism strips away falsities, and allows the Holiness of Life to shine through! It is only by culturing True Spiritual Experience, that we can actually come to understand, in any reasonable way, the Nature that is God and All Life. Universal Judaism teaches a simple methodology by which this True Spiritual Experience can be gained, giving every person their personal taste of prophetic insight, upon which to build a Good Life. This is a Life founded upon real spiritual knowledge, not mere religiousness, ritual or sentimentalities with no basis in real Life.

Universal Judaism is for people who are observant. Not in the usual sense of perfectly obeying a lot of religious rituals and laws. But, instead, in the simplest, most basic, original sense of “witnessing”, “seeing clearly”, “fathoming the “connections”, “understanding”, “revealing”.

Indeed, the word “observe”, comes from the root, ob, meaning “towards”, and serve, “to attend to”. When we observe, correctly “How Life Works for Good”, then our service towards Life– becomes a living celebration.

If you hunger to experience Good, to have an experience of God-in-Life, you are already participating in the greatest spiritual adventure there is. Indeed, the only spiritual adventure.

The goal of this adventure? Happiness.

Happiness with peace. Happiness with prosperity. Happiness with true spiritual justice. It’s a big goal that began some 3500 or more years ago with the Hebrews.

Happiness. That’s worth celebrating!

Come celebrate with us.