Since his private ordination by a Classic Reform bet din in 1995, Michael Shevack has been heavily involved in inter-religious work around the world. He’s been a guest lecturer at Boston University, New York University, the University of Madrid, the University of Milan, Padova and Venice.

He’s appeared on PBS and numerous coast-to-coast radio shows. He was appointed Director of Communications at The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding at Sacred Heart University, in Bridgeport Connecticut. Recently, he was appointed adjunct professor in the School of Social Welfare at Stony Brook University (S.U.N.Y.) where he taught spirituality and comparative religion on the graduate level. He currently teaches Business Spirituality at the Iacocca Institute for Global Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University.

Rabbi Shevack is the Social Responsibility Officer of The Patton Foundation, working with Helen Patton, the granddaughter of General George S. Patton, creating "liberation, and reconciliation for every generation".

Rabbi Shevack is the author/co-author of 4 books. Stupid Ways, Smart Ways to Think about God (Liguori); Our Age. The Historic New Era of Christian-Jewish Understanding (Triumph), honored with a forward by the late John Cardinal O’Connor of the Archdiocese of New York; Adam and Eve, Marriage Secrets from the Garden of Eden (Paulist), just released in Italy (Marietti, Milan) and Poland (Espe, Cracow) and Dialogo Fraterno (Marietti, Milan). Rabbi Shevack's column on Spirituality and Business has appeared in Success magazine.

Prior to ordination, Rabbi Shevack was a Madison Avenue Creative Director. He wrote and created the campaign Gillette. The Best a Man Can Get, still running in 120 countries around the world. His work for Apple Computers won him a Silver Lion at Cannes.

Combining his advertising and marketing, with his passion for religions and worthy non-profits, Rabbi Shevack has worked with AARP, Gateways (Orthodox Jewish), Communion and Liberation (Catholic), United Religions Initiative, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), United Church of Christ, and many other groups, helping them find their true voice. Shevack lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania, with the rebbetzin, artist Teddy Frank, and three children, Christian, Adam and Zoe.