The Association for Universal Judaism is the parent organization for Universal Judaism as well as the umbrella organization for its participating congregations and movements.

Since the teachings of Universal Judaism are foundational to virtually all religions or humanistic associations, any congregation or movement, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, religious, secular or atheist is welcome to participate and share in “our” task.

We realize, of course, that the word “God” may be problematic for some, and there will undoubtedly be certain differences in regard to views-of-God or certain envisioned historical outcomes. Nonetheless, all are welcomed as part of a universal dialogue towards Truth, in a spirit of mutual respect and humility— recognizing that no human being or human institution can fully fathom or embody that Totality of Being and Knowledge, which the word  “God” (if it is to be used in any way that’s credible) must mean. See Our View.

The goal of The Association for Universal Judaism is to seek unity and alignment between all humankind, Creation, and the One God Who Alone, if God, defines the very meaning of “unity” for us and beyond us. Within this over-arching goal, The Association for Universal Judaism seeks to accomplish these critically-important tasks:

1. To teach the Universal Truth of Hebrew Thought to everyone, equally and without distinction, requiring no conversion or other ritual requirements, (though some may choose these) with critical respect for individuality and individual-self-expression.

2. To re-awaken and promote Judaism’s Universalist perspective, which did not have an opportunity to fully blossom because of  cultural domination and persecution. See Historical Background.

3. To heal the world from the dangerous mistakes caused by philosophical, theological or historical misinterpretations and/or ignorance of Jewish teachings both within traditional forms of Judaism, as well as other religions, such as Christianity and Islam, which were based mistakenly upon our mistakes.

4. To provide a healthy and viable spiritual alternative for people, families and all the world’s communities, teaching pride but not prejudice, in a totally guilt-free, non-coercive, universality-minded environment.

5. To resurrect and revivify meaningful customs, still useful rituals, as well as spiritual gifts such as intuitive insight and healing, which is the great legacy of the Hebrew prophets, contemporizing these gifts, so they are accessible to all human beings.

6. To serve as an umbrella group for promoting the healing and unification of the many fractured Jewish denominations as well as other religious denominations, which participate in the world community.

7. To correct the confusion around the varying interpretations of Jewish thought, as well as the (sometimes resulting) confusion surrounding the figures of Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad, both of whom taught the essence of Universal Judaism.

8. To promote in the current modern state of Israel, a contemporary, spiritually-vigorous, authentically-grounded Universalist viewpoint, in both secular and religious domains, in order to bring about spiritually-authentic peace in that region and the world.

9. To share our Universal Jewish teachings with Judaism, Christianity, Islam, all the world’s great noble religions and enlightened-secularism as the spiritual  foundation for a real and sustainable world peace.

10. To remove the scars of human civilization, such as a faltering and inadequate economy and a devastated ecology, which are the result of Universal Jewish teachings taught incorrectly by others. See History.